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Hot And Cold Treatment — Prepare For Relaxation

December 29, 2009

I was vacationing in Riviera Maya as the big storm blasted Chicago last week. Making a transition from running in 16 degrees and a wind chill to running in 86 humid degrees a few days later, was not as easy as it seemed. The day I arrived, I saw a man running, sweating it out. The next day I saw a woman running with a stroller and a couple running together. As I passed by them we gave each other a sarcastic look of ‘Man, this is fun!’ One night when I went out to dinner I saw the same guy — without his girlfriend this time — running in the breezy darkness. Clever, I thought. I don’t see a lot of running going on. I figure most runners come out early in the morning, in the ‘buenos días’ phase of the day. This is something I cannot do while on vacation: getting up early. My daily routine begins with food and a run along the path from the lobby to the beach, worshiping the gardening crew and the maintenance staff, hard at work making the hotel the flawless piece of paradise that it is. “¡Hola, buenas tardes!” we all say in concert, smiling. Must be hard to stay out here in the sun working all day. They all do it — I should be able to tolerate twenty more minutes of this. Every once in a while a golf cart is passing me effortlessly, loaded with passengers making their way to the beach. Two more miles and I will join them, I fantasize. The hotel’s spa guide recommends a hot and cold treatment to detoxify the muscles and invigorate the body, in preparation for finding one’s energy. It is what makes the difference, it vows, between living and living well. It prescribes a steam room or a sauna, followed by a cold shower or a cold drink. Sitting still for twenty minutes seems intimidating to me for fear that my brain would get stuck in idle mode, so I concocted my own recipe: a run in the sun, a toweled lounge chair, a hardcover book, and a side table fitted with a sweating glass of Negra Modelo.

Art: Yes Yes Yes © 2007-2009 Jessica Gonacha Swift. All rights reserved. Jessica’s blog: treasuring

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  1. MIchelle Glick permalink
    January 2, 2010 8:02 PM

    Sounds like a great trip. Welcome home.

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