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Why Not Get Real?

January 10, 2010

Sub-freezing temperatures in Texas and Louisiana are breaking records, Florida farmers have frozen crops of strawberries and tomatoes, and I have nowhere to run. I don’t like treadmills. Other than boring, running on a treadmill is not really running. Have you noticed when you run in the street after doing the same treadmill routine for a long time, you get sore as if you hadn’t been exercising lately? The best treadmill technology is still not advanced enough to simulate real running. Much like the 3D TV they hyped all week at the Consumer Electronics Show pretended it was the real thing. Here I am Road-Runnering in place like a miserable Looney Tunes Coyote, and there I am wearing irritating glasses and arguing with my eyes that 3D looks like that. Can you see it now? Can you see it now? What a 3D TV needs is holography. No headaches, no stupid glasses. And the treadmill of the future needs to push my body forward with every stride I make. I also want it to broadcast a virtual scenery when I’m running, in 3D. Remember how ‘In Good Company’ showed Topher Grace running on a treadmill in front of a big-screen TV? Zooming in, it looked like he was running at the beach, where he was actually running at the end of the movie. Kind of like that. Until I can get my hands on a holographic center-of-mass-shifter treadmill, the next best thing on a stormy day is an indoor track. You get a view of the river, people watching, and sore muscles — it’s a beautiful deal. I could use a longer track, though. And throw in two-way. I don’t want to box the outside inside a room — I want the indoors to come outside. I want a heated running trail along the lakefront. Why not? I hope the Northerly Island planning committee listens to my blog.

Favorite quotes:

  • AP, Age 7: “I woke up and it was sunny and then it snowed and it was dark again.”
  • GS, Age 4: “It was two weathers outside: Snowy and Sunny.”

Northerly Island Planning, on Facebook

Art: M8KE © James A. Reeves, Red Antenna

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  1. MIchelle Glick permalink
    January 10, 2010 9:05 PM

    I hope they listen too.

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